A Story of Balance


A Bike and a Yoga Mat to Balance

It’s been around four weeks now that I have been regularly visiting  Camyoga, the local yoga centre for my Ashtanga practice – not long enough to learn how to do a proper backbend, but certainly enough for me to start thinking of my yoga mat as part of my body… Ok, I’ll explain:

For the last two weeks I have been going for Mysore style Ashtanga classes, what means that three times a week I wake up before 6 am. Other days I also visit a led class and a class for strengthening the core muscles. As I work nearby the centre, I always take my yoga mat with me – proudly carrying it across my back when cycling through the city. On Friday though, I went home after the early Mysore class to freshen up and then I cycled to work without my mat.

Finishing a long working week and feeling as tired as possible, on my way home from the office I suddenly lost my balance, touched my back and started panicking: I don’t have my yoga mat with me – must have lost it! After a few milliseconds of going through the possible places I could have left it (yoga centre, office, shops I visited…) I finally remembered why it wasn’t with me. Big sigh. Although, the feeling of emptiness remained with me until I got home and found my mat in the corner – its regular place.

The question of balance is a funny thing: I almost lost it without my loyal yoga tool, but managed to get it back simply by letting go of this physical attachment. Hopefully there are a lot more to follow… In the meanwhile I will keep meditating and burning my almonds (negative Sanskaras) whilst rolling on my own wheel of Samsara – my precious bicycle. Something like this:

Burning Samsara on the Bicycle

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